Artist's Statement:

Painting is my artistic chemistry - a beautiful blend of history, literature, and art. It is a deeply satisfying endeavor, with visual and tactile elements. The weave of the canvas, the buttery feel of the paint, the spring of the brush's bristles all motivate me to commit my thoughts to painting. Mine is a deliberate and methodical technique, using a highly developed underpainting followed by layers of opaque and translucent paint. This results in a rich depth of color and a sense of space.

Because I am most inspired by the history and literature of the 18th century, I consider my paintings as windows to the past, giving the viewer a chance to reflect on how life might have been during that time period. I hope to provide a sense of mystery and intrigue, encouraging the viewer to ask questions such as:  Who is the subject of the painting? What is happening to her, and what is she feeling? Ultimately, I want the viewer to feel a hint of recognition for the subject of my paintings, because the human condition is bound neither by time nor space.